The Schoolyard Bullies

A Gude/Laurance side-project with Bret Fetzer, The Schoolyard Bullies' theme is three grown men hunched over small instruments. Paul plays a ukulele, Ben a junior drum kit, and Bret a toy piano.

Our recording style is also unique.* Since none of us are trained musicians, and since we can't remember what we just played nor have time to rehearse proper songs, we just jam for two to three minutes while Paul improvises lyrics and voila, we have a song.

We've recorded three "albums" so far. Click on the album title to download the entire thing.

Soft Dulcet Towns
Our first endeavor, where we were just learning what it was we were doing. Selections from this album include:

"My Day In The Race Car"

"Don't Touch Me There"

Doctor Sophomore Effort
Our sophomore effort, obviously. Selections from this "album" include:

"Kick That Bum To The Curb"

"It's The Sauce"

Long-Awaited Third Album"
Our long-awaited third album. We actually recorded this about nine months before any of us had ever listened to it. Tracks from this session include:

"Pseudo Salsa"

"Circuit Breaker"

*Actually, it's not very unique. Friends of ours do the Kunjabunja. The main difference, of course, is that they are all trained musicians.